Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To Fill A Niche.

Giacomo Ceruti - 1720's -  Woman Working on Pillow Lace (Sewing School)
     As anyone with obscure hobbies and interests know, it can be slow going when you're going alone. It can also be kind of disheartening when your close friends don't want to discuss the proper undergarments of your chosen time period for hours on end. So in some valiant social outreach I stumbled upon a small community on Facebook, and that was the Ohio Historic Costumer's group. I found myself joining, even though there were all of about 12 members and it didn't look very active. Although the groups description said, "Remember, if you're the only person in costume you're weird. If there's more than three of you it's a hobby".
     I had posted on the Historical Sew Monthly group earlier in the month if anyone knew of any good Midwest workshops or classes that were available as it seemed everything was focused on either opposing coast.  To my surprise the moderator of the OHC group, Julie Burnsides,  was also a member of the HSM. We messaged back and forth for a few days and realized that since the area was so lacking maybe we needed to get up and start something. So that's this, this is our start. Eventually we'd love to host a serious historic sewing conference here in the heart of it all. For now were taking baby steps. We've got some fun events planned- sewing circles, workshops, photo shoots, meetups and lectures. It's already shaping up to be very exciting! To keep up with all our events I invite you to follow along either via google calendar on the top of the right side bar of this site. Or if you prefer you can keep track of and RSVP over at the facebook group, which in this past week has already jumped up to nearly 50 members!
    Consider this post also our formal request for help. As with any new and exciting idea we'll need all the help we can get. If you think you can offer us anything in the way of classes, meeting spaces, lectures or even writing for this blog, we are interested. All members can make an event on the Facebook group. So if you want to host anything from a last minute meet up, to a formal workshop, or even just to grab drinks with people who understand your obsession for the best types of boning, go for it! I look forward to seeing you! Let's learn from each other and grow in our creative pursuits. I'm so excited for where this could end up!

Paige Pederzani